Are you tired, depleted, exhausted, running on empty?

Do you want to feel excited about life again?

The Tiny Self-Care Retreat is a seven-day, easy-to-follow holistic course to help you reconnect with yourself, especially in your busy life.

This self-paced retreat, filled with yoga classes, meditations, journal prompts, and mindfulness activities, will help you come back to yourself and feel replenished by your own deep love and attention.

This space was created just for you to retreat from the world everyday, to give yourself the time and space to feel good, and to restore and revitalize yourself through powerful practices that nurture your mind, body, heart and spirit.

In honoring yourself, you are being reminded that you, your needs and your dreams matter. From this place of self-love, you are then able to serve the world with joy, kindness and compassion.

Here's what you'll get: Seven days of...

  • Seven accessible yoga classes to help you move and connect more deeply with your body

  • Seven meditation tracks of different themes and styles to help get grounded, relax, focus, release, and heal. Each meditation is between five to 10 minutes long.

  • Journaling prompts to help you gain clarity and connect with your needs

  • Mindfulness ideas, techniques and rituals that you can use to nourish the different areas of your life

About the retreat

  • Where?

    The Tiny Self-Care Retreat will be held virtually. You can take it at your own pace and at your own time. Just sign into your course page and you will be guided on the daily practices.

  • When?

    This is a seven-day retreat. The first day and the last day are one hour long. The daily practices take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.

  • Time?

    The retreat is self-paced. However, we recommend that you start the retreat on a Sunday and end it on a Saturday as the first day and last day practices will take more time.

The Curriculum

Here's what's going to happen per day

  • Day 1: Sacred Space—yoga, meditation, setting up your altar, journaling

  • Day 2: Sacred Mind—yoga, meditation, affirmations

  • Day 3: Sacred Body—yoga, meditation, body love practice, love letter

  • Day 4: Sacred Spirit—yoga, meditation, Noble Silence

  • Day 5: Sacred Practice—yoga, meditation, mindfulness rituals, journaling

  • Day 6: Sacred Connection—yoga, meditation, love letter

  • Day 7: Sacred Release—yoga, meditation, burn ritual, love letter

About the facilitators

Aurora Suarez

Life coach

Aurora is a life and career coach certified by the US-based Courageous Living Coaching Certification. She empowers and supports women achievers, leaders and creatives to get clarity on what they truly want, make courageous choices and take purposeful action. She invites them to craft a life they love. She is also the creator of The Sunday Night Journal, Good Job: A Meaningful Career Journal and The Soul Writing Workshop Podcast. She is the founder of Write Away, a writing and life coaching retreat.

Anna Manalastas

Yoga teacher

Anna Cristina Manalastas is a certified private and group class yoga teacher. She teaches vinyasa, yin yoga, prenatal, and is the first and only certified Budokon Yoga teacher in the Philippines. Anna started her yoga journey in 2012 and continues to deepen her practice and teaching through workshops and further trainings in different countries. Most recently, she has finished "The Power of Awareness" online meditation course with renowned Buddhist Psychologist Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.


  • What materials do I need?

    Comfortable exercise clothes, a yoga mat, yoga props (optional), a small space in your home for an altar, journal, three pieces of stationery or even just loose sheets of paper, body oil or lotion, essential oils (optional), burn vessel (can be an old candle holder, cooking pot, or terracotta pot—any vessel where you can safely burn something), a candle. There is no need to purchase any of these materials—use whatever you have available.

  • Noble Silence—that sounds scary. What is it?

    Noble Silence is a beautiful and meaningful way to tune in more deeply to your energy, thoughts, and feelings. Becoming aware of them without reacting, judging, or resisting helps to cultivate an awakened mind and an expansive heart. It also gives us an opportunity to simply be, instead of constantly living in a state of “doing.” This means no conversations, no music, no internet, no entertainment (that includes reading or writing). This will only last for one night, from the time you start your retreat with us until the next morning. We recommend doing the day 4 practice at night to make the practice easier for you. Start your day 5 practices first thing in the morning.

  • I have no time.

    For one week, give yourself the gift of 20 to 40 minutes a day that’s just for you. As you emerge from our seven days together, you may find your idea of time shifting and that it's important to make yourself a priority instead of always putting yourself last.

  • What if I skip a day? Can I replay a session?

    If you skip a day, that's okay. The course will still be available for you when you're ready to jump back in. Yes, you can replay sessions. And once the seven days are complete, you have lifetime access to the course and can create your own tiny retreat if you feel tired or depleted all over again.

  • I'm not good at yoga or meditating.

    The yoga and meditation practices are perfect for those who have never even tried them. The meditations are all guided. And if you have been practicing yoga and meditation for a while now, you can use this as an opportunity to reset and go back to your roots and remember why you began these powerful practices.

    No one is "good" at yoga or meditating. These are practices where we show up daily, try to do our best and allow life, grace and our breath to lead us.

  • I keep signing up for online courses but never finish them.

    We hope you make an exception for this one. It’s a one-week virtual retreat that will give your mind, body, heart and spirit the love and care it has been craving for—after our difficult pandemic year. Each day (aside from the first and last days) will only take from 20 to 40 minutes long. The fact that you’re here right now means you are being called to be a part of this special and sacred time, to offer this as a gift to yourself.

  • Isn’t self-care selfish?

    Self-care is not only about treating yourself to luxurious massages or expensive things. It could also be more grounded, sustainable, and sacred — and these are what we hope to offer in this retreat.

    If you want a loving life, if you want a life of joy and fulfillment, this starts by giving yourself love and making time for joy and doing things that fulfill you. You can then be in service to the people you love and your work from this space of love and joy rather than obligation and fear.

  • What payment options do you offer?

    Click on the ENROLL now buttons and you can pay via credit card (via Paypal—no need for a Paypal account) and Paypal. If you want to pay via bank deposit or GCash, email me at


Get started now!

We are grateful to our partners: Nurture Wellness Village and Farmer's Table. Their kindness and generosity made this course possible.